2020-07-31 14:32:33

Slop Oil Recovery and Sludge Treatment

                                                           Slop Oil Recovery and Sludge Treatment 


Each year, a huge amount of slop oil and oily sludge are generated in oilfield and refinery. Their nature are complex and they are difficult to be degraded, settled down or concentrated and treated. They are the major killers of our country's environment as well as oil production and refinery business. Traditional process and technology could not meet the more stringent environmental requirements. The cost of comprehensive treatment equipment and technology is huge and the lab result is not mature in industrial scale yet.

Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Corporation started the environmental research and development in 2010,the experiments and researches focused on particles size enlarging and emulsion-breaking. Successfully, we developed a completely problem solving technology to separate slop oil and oily sludge - SOTU. 

SOTU saves space, easy to move; Professional team stays on-duty for quick and convenient maintenance; Physical method to break the emulsion; Suitable for all physical characters of dropped crude, slop oil from tank cleaning, oily sludge and oily sand, aged sludge and waste oil from refinery process and 3 types of sludge from waste water treatment system.

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