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Chemical Cleaning Agent for Refinery Maintenance

         Chemical Cleaning Agent for Refinery Maintenance

Heavy Oil Dirty Cleaning Agent

The cleaning ability of water based heavy oil cleaning agent is strong, it has no damage to the cleaning work piece, no corrosion, no explosion and safe use, non-toxic and no pollution to the environment.

Polysulfuric Acid Cleaning Agent

Polysulfuric acid cleaning agent can effectively prevent austenitic stainless steel from polysulfuric  acid stress corrosion cracking, thoroughly remove the sulfide from equipment surface, no corrosion to stainless steel equipment.The active ingredients in the cleaning agent react quickly with FeS and H2S after contacting with polysulfuric acid. The harmless substances formed enter the cleaning liquid and are taken away by the cleaning liquid.

Passivation Cleaning Agent

The passivation cleaning agent has no toxic or harmful substances.Due to the low surface tension and strong permeability of the cleaning agent, when in contact with the ferrous sulfide scale, the passivator fully wetting the surface of the ferrous sulfide scale, and can pass through the small gap on the surface of the ferrous sulfide scale into the interior and react with it. The oxidant in the passivation agent can oxidize the negative bivalent S in ferrous sulfide into elemental sulfur or sulfate, so as to disperse the ferrous sulfide scale into the passivation solution and achieve the purpose of passivating ferrous sulfide. 

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