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Answer to the Question About Crude Oil Organic chloride transfer Agent

Answer to the Question about Crude Oil Organic Chloride transfer Agent 

Currently, crude oil may be extracted by adding chlorine-containing organic additives, which cannot be removed by current electric desalination processes alone. Organochlorine in crude oil will cause chlorine gas corrosion leakage, ammonium chloride crystal blockage, catalyst poisoning, etc., which is a major challenge to the safe production of clean fuel.

This problem can be solved by adding organochlorine transfer agent into crude oil before electric desalting. 

Customers may have some questions before using our product, please find our answers below:

Question1 : What is the functional working mechanism of the product? Are there any specialized procedures regarding adding it to crude oil ? 

Answer: With the presence of the agent, chlorine element from organochlorine could be transferred to water phase by molecular interaction to achieve an effective removal of organochlorine. The agent should be added continuously to crude oil.

Question2 : Why should we add it before desalter and not directly upstream ? 

Answer: The mixture is more evenly mixed with the crude oil.Temperature is more suitable.More conducive to the separation of oil and water.

Question3: Does the agent interfere with other components of the crude oil?

Answer:  No.

Question4: Are there any risks connected with the agent to the CDU or any other plant downstream? 

Answer:  No.

Question5: The agent dissolved in water, does the condensation water needs to be specially treated from the separators? 

Answer:  No.

Our organic chloride transter agent not only remove CCl4, but also remove other forms of organochlorine in crude oil. After years of field application in the refineries, the best removal rate can reach more than 90%, received consistent praise from customers.

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