Oilfield Chemicals

Over the past ten years, China’s oilfield chemical technology has developed rapidly, forming a broad market.Over the past 15 years, the usage amount of oilfield chemical has increased by more than 42%, and the market size has increased by more than 180%.
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  • It can be used for Corrosion prevention in fractionation tower top and condensation cooling system of atmospheric and vacuum distilation unit, catalytic cracking unit, hydrotreating unit, and hydrocracking unit, etc.
  • Amine Corrosion Inhibitor is a kind of organic cation absorbed film corrosion inhibitor, which according to the theory of corrosion inhibitor synergy. It has good compatibility with additives such as clay stabilizer to be completion fluid with low turbidity, low damage to formation, low freezing point.
  • Without any change of the technique, this problem can be solved by adding the Organochlorine Transfer Agent into crude oil before electric desalting. With the presence of the product, chlorine element from organic chlorides could be transferred to water phase by molecular interaction to achieve an effective removal of organic chlorine.
  • Cationic polyacrylamide are white particles,soluble in water, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to absorb moisture.
    It is characterized by high hydrophilic, soluble in water at different proportions, insoluble in ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents.Molecular chain with positive charge active groups, has excellent flocculation.
  • The Oxygen Scavenger is used to eliminate OXYGEN from water based drilling and packer fluids to prevent OXYGEN Corrosion.
  • Introduction

    Imidazoline corrosion inhibitor is imidazoline based adsorption film type corrosion inhibitor. It is used in oilfield waste water treat and waterflood system. It is also widely used in well acidizing, which have good performance on inhibiting corrosion.

    Physical Properties
  • The Water Soluble Silicone Defoamer is a kind of water dispersible defoaming agent. It is based on organic silicone modified made by a certain technology, widely used in chemical industry, oil field, etc.

    Typical Physical Properties
With mastering of the different standards between international and China domestic, our own quality control center -technical quality department is responsible to control the quality & performance of all products and services. Effective control of all links and factors related to the production and delivery process to ensure that each production process is carried out in a controlled manner under controlled conditions, providing products that meet the requirements.
Technical quality department is responsible for the preparation and issue of production operation procedures, product standards and other technical documents, responsible for special process confirmation and process supervision and responsible for product inspection, determination of non-conforming product, supervision and control of identification and traceability;
Moreover, through cooperation with SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, East China university of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Hebei University of Technology, and other scientific research institutions and universities, we can offer a full package of solutions for all requirements.
As a supplement, we are willing to cooperate with several third party inspectors as required. Our vision is to delivery high-performance products to our customers with best quality and highest performance.
1.Provide the analysis report of physical and chemical properties, quality certificate and operation instruction, MSDS, product quality standard and inspection method,etc, which will ensure product quality.
2.Assist customers in formulating products industry usage plan (configuration concentration, using method, abnormal condition processing, etc.)
3.During the use of products, we will call customers timely to know about the usage situation, according to customer’s on-site technology and raw materials change to actively cooperate with customers to optimize the usage plan.
4.In case of any abnormity during the use of products, we shall respond to the request within four hours after receiving the notice.
Our goal is to provide a rapid response time to meet your needs, coupled with more focused dialogue, expert support and better overall results.

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